Thursday, 31 October 2013

Why Another Blog?

I started blogging at Different Kingdom just over a year ago, partly to reflect on the journey that I - and the church community I am part of - have been travelling over the past few years. This journey is involving changes and development in some things we believe, the way we do things and the culture of the church. For me it is also involves exploring a vision and understanding of God's different kingdom - his totally counter-cultural, radical, subversive, Cross-centred Kingdom of selfless, serving and sacrificial love. In the background to this journey, for me personally there has been a lot of wide reading, lots of thinking and reviewing of beliefs, some discussion (I would prefer more) and subsequent shifts and changes in the way I see things theologically. This is a continuing process.

I am aware that when I get into the more overtly theological aspects of this journey, not everyone connects with that. Although I would insist that anyone who thinks and talks about God is doing theology and cannot